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Mini Tankless Water Heater, Instant Hot Water Heaters

Ever since I was a kid I had a tank based water heating system and it always happened that the tank ran out of hot water and I always had to wait for an hour or more till I had hot water again. One day, I read about the tankless water heaters. The title of the article was really catchy: “Endless hot water without a headache”. After reading it, I had some information but wasn’t quite sure how it worked. Now, after some research, I know almost everything that is important about tankless water heaters.

First of all, the endless hot water part is true, because a tankless water heater heats water only when you use it. Otherwise the heater is idle. This is the main reason why a tankless water heater is many times better than a tank based water heater reviews. This tankless technology also saves energy, it is environment friendly and it is also friendly to your water heating bill. The next important thing to know about tankless water heaters is that there are 2 types of heaters on the market. The gas powered water heaters and the electric powered water heaters. The gas tankless water heaters are designed for someone who needs a lot of hot water fast, it is more efficient than an electric tankless heater. Although the gas heater is more efficient for the small homes and families, the electric heater is way better. Electric water heaters are made in many sizes, gas heaters are usually big. So if you need hot water only for one appliance, for example a sink, the best choice for you is a mini tankless water heater.

The mini tankless water heater can be installed very easily, because it is very small. If you need it for the sink, the best place to install it is under the sink. You only have to work with 2 pipes and some wires and that’s the whole installation process. The biggest advantages if you use a mini tankless water heater are the price and the efficiency. The price is somewhere around $200 which isn’t much and the heater is so efficient because it is very close to its target. The hot water doesn’t travel much to the sink and it stays hot.

These are the main reasons to get a mini tankless water heater, if you need hot water only for one appliance. The price shouldn’t be a problem and the hot water delivered isn’t much but it is enough for a single appliance.

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